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Successful End of the Holiday Heroes Easter Campaign

All good things come to an end, and we are so happy to announce the end of the SUCCESSFUL Holiday Heroes Easter campaign!   We managed to achieve our goal…

19 April, 2014

Third Day: Love in Action

Despite the bad weather here in Bulgaria, we feel happy and all the same enthused to help the needy.   During day three of the Holiday Heroes campaign, our current…

18 April, 2014

The Singer Anelia is a Holiday Hero

The beloved Bulgarian pop&folk singer Anelia also joined the campaign. On Monday and Thursday, she visited a family of retirees. See the photos of their meeting here.

17 April, 2014

Second Day: Our Heroes Meet Needy Bulgarians

Our Easter Holiday Heroes campaign continues; on the second day we managed to bring joy to hundreds of needy Bulgarians.   Early in the morning of April 15th, our volunteers…

TV Hosts Katya Evro And Alexander Kadiev Are Real Heroes

TV hosts Katya Evro and Alexander Kadiev visited the home of a lonely old woman and gave her a box full of delicious foodstuffs. See the photos bellow!  

16 April, 2014

Michael “BigMike” Straumietis is a Holiday Hero

Holiday Heroes initiator Michael “BigMike” Straumietis joined the volunteers’ team packing boxes full of food in our warehouse. He then delivered delicious food products to the home of a blind…

15 April, 2014

First Day: The Happy Bulgarians with Huge Hearts

The first day of Holiday Heroes Easter 2014 was full of happy faces and warm hugs.   We are grateful to Great Wall for letting us use their automobiles for…

First Day: The Heroes

Check out the photos from the first day of our Easter campaign!

14 April, 2014

Gala Dinner Celebrated Love in Action

April 8th! What an amazing date for us!   We organized a special gala dinner to celebrate the help that we have been receiving from all the socially responsible companies,…

09 April, 2014

Our Happy Video

We are so happy because of the good things we are doing!   Watch our happy video from the Easter workshop we organized and share it with your friends to…

Holiday Heroes and BazArt: The Craft Bazaar

See the inspiring photos of our charity bazaar with the help of BazArt.bg. Thirteen Bulgarians showed their unique crafts and the pop singer Irra was the star of the event. See the…

08 April, 2014

Moments of Our Easter Workshop

Families and Bulgarian celebrities joined our Easter egg painting workshop. Check out the photos of these wonderful event!  

07 April, 2014

Love Weekend

This weekend we expressed our Love in action while decorating eggs during our Easter workshop and then organizing a craft bazaar.   Last Saturday, in Mall of Sofia, families and…

Holiday Heroes Tournament Event & Charity Concert

We are very excited to invite you to our special Holiday Heroes tournament event and charity concert!   You can choose to play Monopoly, billiards and bowling with your friends…

02 April, 2014

The Registration of Needy Families Is Over

The registration of families in need is over! We want to thank everyone who called us to recommend a family! To those who have been registered: you can expect a…

01 April, 2014

Family Easter Egg Painting Workshop

Spend a day with your family and some of the most beloved Bulgarian stars while painting eggs for this Easter.   We’ll be expecting you to show your love and…

31 March, 2014

We Are Organizing a Handmade Bazaar

Holiday Heroes and BazArt.bg are inviting you to experience one magical Sunday in the land of beautiful handmade crafts!   Come on April 6th, 15:00 to 19:00, in bar Caldo…

Cupcake Workshop

We feel so inspired after the happening of our cupcake workshop in restaurant Spaggo in Serdika Center. Together with the Bulgarian singers Teddy Kacarova and Ioanna Dragneva we decorated some…

26 March, 2014