10 Reasons to Love Charity Work

Is it because of the economic situation in Bulgaria or the inadequate government policies that’ve been putting us down for decades, but charity work and volunteering are still far below the top places on people’s lists of pastime favorites. And it makes sense, because when you’re struggling to make ends meet, it’s obvious you might forget there are people facing hardships who may be needing your help.

volunteer group hands together

Every developed society is aware that its well-being is in its own hands, and sees the government, the business, and NGOs only as catalysts to this end. Wondering if volunteering is worth your while? Why not take a quick look at these 10 reasons right below. We’re sure they’ll instantly convert you to charity work:

  1. You’ll be helping people who don’t have your financial means, good health, or valuable skills.
  2. You’ll learn new things that will help you in the future.
  3. You’ll study new languages and get to know different (sub) cultures.
  4. You’re sure to make new friends.
  5. You will expand your social network, including your business contacts.
  6. You’ll be a role model for your friends and promote a cause you believe in.
  7. You’ll be going to bed each night thinking you’ve had a really meaningful day.
  8. You’ll be travelling and seeing places you’ve never imagined existed.
  9. You’ll step out of your comfort zone and see the world we live in for what it really is.
  10. You’ll make a difference for the better in your own and in someone else’s life.

All in all, looks like it’s worth it, doesn’t it?

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