2, 253 BGN Is the Income Needed to Sustain a Family

елка80, 9% of Bulgaria’s households have a total per capita income below what’s necessary to ensure the minimum standard of living, according to data from an analysis by the Institute for Social and Trade Union Research at the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria. The analysis takes into account the means necessary to sustain a living and the data on the distribution of households by income segments according to their total income in the first quarter of  2015.

The data reveal that the median household per capita income in 2014 was 401 leva, which is approximately 71% of the subsistence minimum.  2, 456, 000 Bulgarians get by on monthly incomes of not more than 295 leva. 46.7% of households live on total per capita incomes between 295 and 562 leva. 19.2 per cent of Bulgarian families, or about 577, 000 households, have incomes exceeding the subsistence threshold.

To cover the inevitable costs for housing, health care, education, food, etc., the monthly income of a 4-member household (2 adults with 2 children) needs to be 2, 253 leva, or 563.21 leva per person.

The pace of growth of median subsistence levels varies for different groups of goods and services. The fluctuations are calculated depending on the ups and downs of the prices оf food, housing, transportation, services, everyday items, etc.

Source: www.economic.bg

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