3,145 Books in Viva Credit and Holiday Heroes’ Joint Campaign

The shared book drive ‘Don’t Throw It Away – Give It Away’ closed with grand success on the last day of August. It was another instance of united effort by Viva Credit and the Holiday Heroes, this time in support of early childhood development and education of children from disadvantaged families. The drive lasted 45 days and engaged the ASTRA educational center, Lafka, the Debt Collection Agency (DCA), MFG Group and many, many individuals who believe that good education can do miracles for kids. Many of these people were parents of already grown-up children, customers of Viva Credit and friends of the Holiday Heroes.The drive was backed on the media front by BG Radio. The outcome was 3,145 children’s books collected. Every contributor got a certificate for their donation, which entitles them to a 30% discount on the principal if they use a loan from the company.

All donated books will become part of the Christmas boxes to be distributed by the Holiday Heroes this December.

As Viva Credit Marketing Manager Maria Vasileva explains, ‘Viva Credit is a socially responsible company and as such initiates and supports socially responsible causes every day, with the main goal to support real people and contribute towards a better future and fulfilling lives for them. We know we cannot change the situation in the state, but we can be a driver for a positive change.This is easy to achieve with a partner like the Holiday Heroes. Many thanks to all who opened up their hearts and took part in this campaign.’

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