420 Levs for Holiday Heroes from a Birthday Girl

A young Bulgarian lady chose an interesting way to celebrate her birthday: she dedicated her party to Holiday Heroes’ charitable cause. Boryana and her friends became heroes for many families in need, donating a total of 420 levs!

“Last year I decided it would be easier for my friends to each donate either something in kind or a sum of money, instead of wondering what to choose as a birthday present for me. So
I did some research about Holiday Heroes which convinced me everything was so open and transparent, nothing suspicious, and I thought it would be easy and fun to throw a party and raise funds at the same time. And thus make it possible for many others to celebrate too”
, Boryana explained about her idea.

She also told us Easter and Christmas were some of her favorite holidays. „Many people are really blessed to be able to celebrate together with their families. Sadly, though, there are many who can’t even afford a decent meal. So I thought it was cool to engage in this campaign“, she added.

The money donated by Boryana and her friends are enough to buy 10 holiday boxes for Bulgarian families in need. “After my birthday party many people told me it was a great idea and they’d like to do the same. They are happy I saved them time looking for a present, and are really satisfied they are contributing to a good cause”, the beautiful birthday girl told us.

Many thanks to Boryana and her friends for their support! Their philanthropy is one more reason to believe kindness is still alive in the hearts of us all!

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