700,000 Bulgarians are living with less than 50 euro per month

In 2013, 21% of the Bulgarians are living in a risk of poverty and one in every ten people is on the verge of extreme poverty. This is the horrifying data presented by Petar Ganev from the Institute for Marketing Economy.

The number of people living in extreme poverty is raising in the last few years. Most affected are the unemployed, the less educated people and those who are economically inactive. About 700,000 Bulgarians are urged to exist with a monthly income of less than 100 BGN (50 eur) and those who have to fit their monthly expenses in 150 BGN (75 eur) are amounting to 1.5 million of all Bulgarians.


The increase of people struggling with poverty is mostly due to poor education and unemployment. The main reasons for the harsh economic situation of the ethnic minorities are fact they’re living isolated in ghettos and have to cope with the lack of social integration. According to data, presented by the National Statistical Institute, about 360k people are unemployed in Bulgaria. This group includes both the people actively looking for a job and those who don’t really want to work.

About 400k pensioners are living with less than 150 BGN per month and for about a quarter of them this amount is less than a 100 BGN. The situation with Bulgarian children is as worrying as this and 335k of them, aged under 18, are urged to survive with less than 150 BGN and 205k kids have to survive with 100 BGN per month.

Source: BTA

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