Abandoned Children Need You


While we are sitting comfortably in front of our PCs, blaming the government, thousands of children are running out of time.


Bulgaria is an extremely grim country. It’s sad, because children are our future, yet thousands of Bulgarian kids live in dire, unbearable conditions. The future of Bulgaria is at risk, and all we do is stand aside, watching.


Bulgaria ranks first in terms of child mortality in Europe, and more than 5, 000 Bulgarian children are forced to live on the streets. About 50, 000 is the number of Bulgarian kids who are lucky enough to have a roof over their heads; this doesn’t mean, however, that they get primary, let alone secondary education. The reason – their families lack the means to send them to school.


These dire statistics show that the state has turned its back on some very important issues! What remains for us to do in this situation, is think how we can help children on our own. It’s up to us to do whatever it takes.


To follow the right direction, we need your ideas and help. A number of our Facebook fans have already put their minds to solving this issue for Bulgarian children and gave us their points of view.


Some of the suggestions were to accommodate the little ones in homes initially meant for the elderly, or repair destitute houses and make them fit for habitation. Another good idea is for people living alone to take children home and look after each other. Some of our Facebook fans think that in order to help needy Bulgarian kids at school, we can collect donations for training and education, clothes and shoes, and also provide free lunches and snacks.


What more can we do for our children? We challenge you to think about Bulgaria’s future and share your comments here. Let’s consider issues together and find a way to resolve them.

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