That Tall American Turning Bulgaria Upside Down

Advanced Nutrients owner Big Mike has spent the past 6 years of his life trying to change a country, which most people in the world probably don’t know it exists
When around 2007 the Michael Straumietis, owner of Advanced Nutrients came to Bulgaria he had to face something quite surprising and even scary. He saw a country with outstanding nature, great and good people which was in such a terrible political and economic situation due to its mindless governance. Nowadays Big Mike has turned Bulgaria in his home and is pouring his heart in making it a better place. Check out a video of what he’s been up to lately here.

Actually, you might be wondering why the hell did Michael come to this small and troubled country in Eastern Europe on the first place? Well, because when you’re running one of the leaders in the hydroponic industry you have to be constantly on the look for what can help you retain that very position. Especially in crazy dynamic business as hydroponics.
So while on the looks for fresh and revolutionary ideas, which can help his company keep turning farming upside down, the Advanced Nutrients CEO met the scientists of Bulgaria. Great, knowledgeable folks, but smashed from the system in their own native country, which is still trying to overcome the damages done by the communist regime, which believe it or not, fell in 1989.
Big Mike decided to do his best to help this country “step on their feet”. He started by opening an Advanced Nutrients Bulgaria office in Sofia and a research facility so the company can provide for Europe’s need for high quality hydroponic nutrients. But you can’t really do business in a troubled country if you don’t contribute to its society.
In 2012 Michael Straumietis from Advanced Nutrients came up with the idea of introducing Bulgaria to the door-to-door charity. He created Holiday Heroes – an organization aimed at helping out thousands of needy Bulgarian families by directly bringing them food for the biggest Bulgarian holidays. And in Christmas 2012, when Holiday Heroes had to debut, Mike had only three weeks to make this happen. Despite all the obstacles and skepticism among the Bulgarians the hydroponic guru managed to make his dream come true.
One year later Holiday Heroes is has received the attention and support not only of the media, but of many local celebrities, corporate and individual sponsors, and volunteers. The desire to help proved quite infectious and with each new campaign the Holiday Heroes core in Bulgaria is getting stronger and bigger. The number of Bulgarian families, who are helped is also on the rise.
What Big Mike from Advanced Nutrients started and is still doing in Bulgaria is an example that even the most troubled places can be improved and changed for their better. And it’s not only Bulgaria, Michael and his company are running such activities all around the globe – the kids of Uganda, the young entrepreneurs from third world or USA’s war veterans – you name it.

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