Angel and Moisei are heroes

Angel and Moisei will join the Holiday Heroes Charity Concert on 28.04!


The show will be held at the summer stage of Knyaz-Borisova gradina at 11.30.


We are expecting you so that we can share together the great vibes of this experience!


The people who are joining our campaign are:


Iordan Iovchev
Mihaela & Venci
Voice Of Boys
Angel and Moisei
Sanq Aleksa
The Rebelites
El Padre
Abada Capoeira Bulgaria
Rumen and Rosen Dimitrovi – The Twins

…as well as all other participants in the campaign!

There are free gifts from Nestle, Olineza, Helli, Josi, АГИ, BILKA and all other sponsor organizations, which are helping to the families in need.

Donations will be collected there through the selling of charity badges, flying discs, cards and calendars.

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