Autographed Volleyball on Auction Sale

Do you want the signatures of all Bulgarian national volleyball team players? Now you can have them!

The Bulgarian men’s national volleyball crew have decided to back up the Holiday Heroes. They endorsed our cause with a special donation: a volleyball signed personally by all of them, including team coach Plamen Konstantinov.

This gem of the volleyball world will be auctioned by the Holiday Heroes at the Sport Fest in the amazing Bulgarian city by the sea, Burgas. We’ll be there for sure between May 17th and 20th. Our designated place at the Troykata square will be the meeting point with the best promise for a myriad of sport surprises to amuse visitors and support our mission.

The ball donated by our national volleyball team will be one such both fun and useful surprise. To us it’s invaluable, but we’re ready to part with it for the sake of our charitable goal for a happy Christmas 2018 for thousands of families in need. If you like the idea of becoming the proud owner of this memorable sport item – come and find us at the Sport Fest in Burgas, where you could be the luckiest fan of volleyball!

For more on Holiday Heroes’ trip to Burgas, click here.

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