Basketball Wedding Supports Holiday Heroes

Sandra Velcheva, Sports Director at the Bulgarian National Basketball League, and American professional basketball player Jimmie Hunt, whose career includes playing for BC Balkan, BC Yambol and BC Levski Sofia, got married just days ago. A host of foreign guests, friends and relatives of the couple gathered near Sofia to celebrate with the young family. Curious why we care to spread the news? Because, besides they’re a super charming sports couple, and we love sports… and charming couples, Sandra and Jimmie found a way, in the most significant moment at the beginning of their life as a family, to lend a helping hand to the holiday heroes.

If you’ve ever wondered what was the exact meaning behind the words in our slogan, ‘Love in Action’, you could easily get the gist of it by the example which Sandra and Jimmy gave at their wedding day. All the guests at this lovely occasion were asked, instead of buying flowers for the newlyweds, to donate the money they had planned to spend on this to Holiday Heroes. The young family’s friends raised and donated to our cause 336 leva, for which we are much obliged and grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

These funds will go to our forthcoming Christmas 2017 campaign, so we would once again reach out to thousands of Bulgarian families in need and help them have a proper holiday celebration.

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