Which Is the Best Nation in the World?

Have you ever wondered which country has the biggest contribution to humanity’s development and the planet? The very first Simon Anholt’s Good Country Index gives you all the answers.


The idea of the project is to measure different countries’ contribution to the common good of societies, using 35 indicators collected from the U.N., the World Bank and other international organisations’ data.


So, which is the best country among all the 125 that participated?

Good country index

According to the Index, it’s Ireland! Finland, Switzerland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Denmark and Belgium are next in the list.


Bulgaria is 32nd in the overall rankings. The country ranks 19th because of its great contribution to science and technology but 79th when it comes to international peace and security.


In the last positions in Simon Anholt’s Good Country Index are Iraq, Libya and Vietnam.


You can view the whole report here!

Good country index


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