Blackstreet presented “Carry the Flame” – our new anthem

Saturday evening, April 4th, “Dali” club – fans of the 90s’ music, holiday heroes and ambassadors of the cause have gathered to welcome our special guests – America’s R&B legends and Grammy winners Blackstreet. They’re in Bulgaria not only for a kickass show, but to present “Carry the Flame” – their brand new single, which happens to be our first international anthem. See the video below as well as exclusive photos from the event.

After the video premiere of the track we saw warming up sets by Daniel Kajmakoski, May, Yagoda Treneva and Desi Andonova, who were also a part of the Holiday Heroes 90s Tribute. The culmination, however, was Blackstreet’s very own performance. Backed up on stage by Southwick and Bobo they played all their hits, including the cult “No Diggity” track.

Our American guests have also cooked a very special surprise themselves. They invited on stage Michael Straumietis – the person behind the Holiday Heroes cause – to personally greet him for his birthday.

On Monday, after this crazy weekend, we’re starting the holiday boxes delivering. Keep an eye on all we do on our official website and on our Facebook page.


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