Bulgarian celebrities actor Ivo Zahariev and radio host Milena Zlatkova play up bowling to help Holiday Heroes!

Last weekends’ “Sport with a Mission” Holiday Heroes charity tournament at Playground Paradise Center Sofia saw VMware’s team triumph over its competitors.




The heavy snowfall proved no obstacle for socially responsible companies and Holiday Heroes celebrity goodwill ambassadors to embark on this Easter’s HH campaign. Holiday Heroes’ sixth edition kicked off with a bowling tournament for eleven corporate participants—Carlsberg, Gradus, Service Lux, Nestle, Creative Lux, VMware, Trader.BG, Mtel, Musala Soft, Pepsi, and SBTech. Playground Paradise Center were a kind host to both Holiday Heroes celebrities and organizers, among whom radio Vitosha’s host Milena Zlatkova, actor Ivaylo Zahariev and family, and Holiday Heroes’ manager Rositsa Tomova. The Holiday Heroes crew grew bigger, adding up a new “lucky charm” member—little Damyan, the six-month old Ivaylo Zahariev’s second baby boy.




The previous day lots were drawn to divide the teams into groups and allocate available tracks. The first group were Musala Soft, Mtel, Gradus, Service Lux, SBTech, and the Holiday Heroes celebrities’ team. Creative Lux, Nestle, Carlsberg, Trader.bg, VMware, and Pepsi played in Group 2.




Scoring a total of 569 points, VMware’s team nailed down the victory in Holiday Heroes’ first bowling tournament. Musala Soft came second with a result of 568, while Nestlé took the bronze, followed by SBTech. There was more than cups and medals for the winners; they got six-packs of the popular Pepsi’s Gatotrade sports and energy drinks, plus Playground’s special prizes for all who made it to the finals.


All funds collected from the teams in competition entry fees will be used to feed 5,000 families living in destitution this Easter 2015.


Big thanks to all who backed us up. More “Sport with a Mission” surprises coming up soon.



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