Bulgarian Celebrity Elena Brusarska a Holiday Hero on St. Lazarus Day

More than forty volunteers engaged in the first day of holiday boxes’ packing and delivery, working hard at this task in the warehouse of our kind hosts K&M who were so generous to house our preparatory works this Easter’s campaign. Every single bighearted hero in there had their assigned duty at the improvised assembly line: put in the boxes a specific foodstuff plus… a morsel of love. Nearly two thousand gift boxes of food were packed and on their way to families in need in Sofia and the rest of Bulgaria in just a few hours.

Elena Brusarska was one of Holiday Heroes’ goodwill ambassadors who delivered holiday boxes of food right at the homes of families in need in Sofia on St. Lazarus day in Bulgaria. The charismatic music performer and “Hangers” fashion TV show star visited the home of a lady whose name is Lyubov (which, symbolically, translates in English as ‘Love’). Lyubov is a person with a disability and very limited mobility. Until recently she had been receiving a small pension for her disability, but the authorities unexpectedly revoked the decision which granted it and now she has no financial aid from the government. Her only support is her twenty-year old son, who works in food delivery for the sustenance of their household. Struggling to get back her little but much needed social assistance
income, Lyubov said she often had to literally beg for money to pay for the medical examinations and tests required in the process.

Our Easter 2017 campaign to help as many people as possible, who are struggling as Luybov is, continues until Tuesday. Holiday Heroes will be packing boxes at the logistics center and deliver them, with the help of a myriad of volunteers to the doorsteps of thousands disadvantaged families across Bulgaria. Watch the packing work at the warehouse on YouTube or on Holiday Heroes’ Facebook page.

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