Bulgarian National Television Hosts Volunteer for the Holiday Heroes

Daniel Mihaylov and Yuliya Naeva pack and deliver holiday boxes on Palm Sunday

BNT news anchor Daniel Mihaylov has been a holiday hero for years now, he’s taken part in different legs of our campaigns to help out destitute families. Originally, he joined the ranks of our keen warehouse volunteers, packing foods in the holiday boxes. In the last two drives Danny volunteered also in the distribution process, making deliveries in person right at the homes of families in need.

On Palm Sunday we saw Danny Mihaylov as a holiday hero at the warehouse again, only this time he had brought along another benefactor, his coworker Yuliya Naeva. Even though she is expecting a baby soon, the TV host of Denyat Zapochva was eager to join the volunteers at the assembly line, and in the afternoon hours the two TV presenters did their bit with the deliveries too.

Danny and Yuliya visited the home of Svetla – an 85-year-old retired lady living by herself. She has no running water at home for five years already, because she lives on disputed property and her water supply has been cut off.
“This is the first campaign I’ve pitched in, but it won’t be the last, for sure!”, promises BNT’s morning program TV host Yuliya Naeva.

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