The Bulgarian Women are the Biggest Victims of Violence in the European Union

Another sad statistics for our country is a fact. The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) of the European Union published a report indicating results from research on the physical and psychological violence exerted on women.


The results show that Bulgaria ranks 1st in the EU on the physical violence that men exert on their wives. Unfortunately, 28% of the Bulgarian women have felt assaulted in some way by their partners or other person in the recent past.


The study is based on data, gathered in 2012 via interviews which were conducted among 42 000 women at the age 18 to 74, citizens of the 28th EU member states. The ladies answered the questions which were related to physical and psychological violence, unpleasant memories of the childhood and abuse with their personality on the Internet.


It turns out that 6% of the Bulgarian women admit that they had experienced physical violence from their partners before 2012. This is the highest result of all countries compared to the average result of the EU average which is 4%.


The sad statistics also shows that 14 % of the women in Bulgaria were sexually assaulted by another person, not their partners. 39% of the Bulgarian women responded positively to the question related to experienced psychological abuse whereas 34% of them suffer from the controlling behavior of their partners.

home violence

Moreover, Bulgaria ranks first in EU by the number of women (17%) who feel financially independent and controlled by their partners.


The comprehensive overview of the results also shows that Bulgarian women are extremely poorly informed where to seek help in case of violence. Few of them are familiar with the hot telephone lines which can use, and 59% of the respondents have not heard of any campaign in the aid of the victims of violence.


Bulgarian women do not believe in the police as a way of salvation. They prefer to keep in secret the experienced violence. 68% of the respondents said that they did not make a complaint to the police when they went through harassment.


The entire study can be viewed here.

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