Business Run Plovdiv for Holiday Heroes This October

This year October 8th will see Plovdiv race for Holiday Heroes! The event will be courtesy of the incredible Begach Running Club.

For four years the club have been organizing charity runs in Sofia. This fall they will have their first race in Plovdiv, the ‘city of the hills’. We’re more than pleased to have our cause win over the hearts of the running club team and their supporters. The Holiday Heroes, together with the Phoenix Center for Psychological Counselling, will be benefiting from the sports event, making it possible for more families to have a jolly and abundant celebration of Christmas 2017.

The Business Run is a relay race for teams of socially responsible companies. Each team has four members who run a total of 16 kilometers. Business Run Sofia, which took place this year, had more than 1,000 participants from over 150 companies.

Signing up for the forthcoming run is just a click away here. 30% of the fees for entering Business Run Plovdiv will go to charity.

You might as well want to know some figures we’ve already shared with our friends from the Begach Running Club. The following numbers are an example of how much difference each lev raised will make in our current mission — the Christmas 2017 drive. If we manage to collect 1,000 levs, 28 socially disadvantaged families will get holiday boxes chock-full of food.
Sign up now and let sport put your Love in Action.

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