Can You Win against the Heart Team?

The stars of Bulgaria challenge you to show your sporting spirit and face the football titans—the Heart Team led by Leo Bianchi.

Three years ago the charming Italian gathered Bulgarian showbiz and sports celebrities and created a dream team to donate funds raised in charity games. For three years Leo’s team has been helping young talents supported also by Dimitar Berbatov’s foundation. Last year the Heart Team put their trust in the Holiday Heroes’ cause and pledged to donate proceeds from their games to help thousands of families in need celebrate Christmas and Easter seated around a full festive table.

Any football fan may challenge the Bulgarian VIPs to take part in pro bono football matches against municipal, corporate, private, amateur, and veteran clubs across the country. Take part in the competition with your team and add up unforgettable memories while aiding disadvantaged families! If you want to challenge Bulgaria’s superstellar team and play host to the celebrity players, do get in touch with our Sales Manager, Veneta Staneva at: +359 (88) 6 494 344,

The „Heart Team ” play charity football games against various clubs throughout the country and donate funds raised to our cause. Leo’s squad consists of Niki Iliev, Maria Ilieva, Vanya Peneva, Toma Zdravkov, Elitsa Todorova, DJ Doncho, SPENS, IGRATA, Kristo, Alex Mamalev, Niki Kanchev, Dimitar Rachkov, 100 Kila, Eleonora Mancheva, Orlin Pavlov, Ekaterina Dyulgerova, Simona Peycheva and many others. Would you dare stand against them?

The stars of Bulgaria are ready to put their football boots on and help people in need. You can be part of it too!

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