What Is Cause Marketing?

Imagine a situation where the big (bad-wolf) business works side-by-side the (ever-complaining) NGOs. Imagine the funds large companies have at their disposal and are often ready to give away to charity, used towards the goals of organizations pursuing social, environmental, and other significant public causes.
Luckily, this is not utopia, but a completely realistic long-standing marketing model invented as early as the mid-seventies of the last century.
The word “marketing” is not in the name of this type of collaboration because it’s meant to pump up the sales of corporate charity partners. Corporate social responsibility, whose large “family” includes “cause marketing”, is anything but a generator of revenue or business efficiency.
Marketing can potentially promote a cause and prove change is possible. Just like a company can sway its’ customers’ preferences in the direction of its product, so can people believe that helping 5, 000 families at Christmas or Easter is a huge step towards a better world.
A change like that often calls for finance, but is also unthinkable without some effort by regular folks like you and me.
Every cause, no matter how well funded or advertised, must be persistently supported. That’s when you step in. Every little bit of help counts, no matter if you are a blogger, a journalist, a Twitter follower willing to post a couple of lines about what impressed you, or, say, a Holiday Heroes’ volunteer dying to let the world know about your last “accomplishment” on Facebook.
Cause-related marketing starts with charities and enterprises, but its fruits are in the hands of each and every one of us.

Discover your mission in life!

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