Celebrity Apprentices Collected 16,869 Products for Families in Need

The participants in the first season of the world-famous reality game show broadcast on the leading national television network Nova TV set a unique record in an impressive drive. This week’s challenge for both teams was to support a charitable organization and they unanimously chose the cause of Holiday Heroes.
The project, in which the apprentices invested their hearts, enthusiasm and diligence, proved to be a huge success—16,869 products with an estimated value of 30,000 leva were collected in just two hours. That is to say, the celebrities, including the longtime ambassador of our cause—the renowned Bulgarian singer Ruth Koleva, provided nearly 1,000 food parcels for families in need to enjoy the Easter holidays.

If you want to follow the lead of the stars and contribute to the festive miracle, make sure to join our drive by April 25th. Learn here how to become a volunteer or donate foodstuffs for Holiday Heroes’ Choose, Buy and Donate campaign while shopping in Kaufland hypermarket chain.

The celebrities were moved to tears by the numerous acts of kindheartedness. „I couldn’t help crying as I saw this wonderful little girl who came first to donate to our cause. I would never forget her eyes”, said the much-loved Bulgarian actress Alex Sarchadjieva.

„We have all gone through hard times. Such parcels had been donated to my family as well. To help people means really a lot—it is what truly connects Bulgarians no matter of their status”, shared with excitement the popular rapper Yavor Yanakiev, better known by his stage name 100 Kila.

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