Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO Are the New Holiday Heroes


It doesn’t take a lot to do good things. All you need is willingness and a big heart. Which both Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO Bulgaria and the Heart Team proved to have. Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO’s employees faced the celebrities from the stellar team of the heart at the playgrounds of Musagenitsa Sport in a friendly match dedicated to Holiday Heroes. The goal was to support thousands of families in need so they can celebrate Christmas 2016 gathered around a full festive table.

Bulgarian musicians Dicho, Igrata, Skiller, Skandaw, Miro and Panayot from Big Brother, all lead by their captain Leo Bianchi, played in the charity soccer match against two teams representing the Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO company. To match strength with the Heart Team, Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO paid a participation fee of BGN 1000. The whole amount was donated to Holiday Heroes to buy foodstuffs for the holiday boxes in the new Christmas drive.

Captain Leo set up the Heart Team of Bulgarian celebrities a few years ago with the aim to play pro bono to the benefit of charitable causes. The Heart Team have been part of our Sport with a Mission competitions for two years now. Anyone can summon them to play a favorite sport, though, any time. Everything that someone should do is pay a competition entry fee of at least BGN 1000, 100% of which shall be donated to Holiday Heroes’ mission.

Do follow suit and challenge the Heart team just like Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO did. Can’t wait to see you! :)

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