Corporate Social Responsibility Improves Job Performance

In the past few years, businesses all over the world started to realize the need of having a socially responsible company policy in order to meet their clients’ expectations and requirements. Being part of a social campaign is good both for the corporate reputation and the company’s employees as well.


A recent study by the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), shows that there are many advantages for a company to be engaged in charities and social activities.


Results of the survey show that employees’ engagement in charity initiatives can improve their job performance and work motivation.  The main reason is that employees often don’t feel that they share the same values with the company. However, being part of a social cause, feels like building a bond between employees and corporations, the report conducted.


One big advantage of corporate social responsibility is that it brings together upper management and jobholders – they gather around and work for the social good. It’s highly motivating and inspiring experience for every level of management.


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