Corporate Volunteering Is the Future

Not too long ago, businesses were the ones on the choosing side when it came to starting employment relationships. Nowadays, in the era of freelancing, shared office spaces and remote work, the balance of power has shifted in favor of potential employees. People today have the privilege to select the place where it would be really worth it to spend eight hours of their lives, every day. It has been a while since money stopped being the only decisive factor in the choice of a workplace. Actually, these days you can make money lying on the beach, smartphone in hand. A shared social cause though, is something which holds a potential to bring the employees of today back in the office.

Your Work Is Your Mission
What matters today is to have a common mission which you recognize as your own. That means so much more than the number of figures in your monthly paycheck. If you agree that volunteering can take the form of manual labor, helping people in need, cooking, distributing leaflets, packing and delivering holiday boxes, as we do in Holiday Heroes, now is the time to put your talent to use supporting a cause you believe in. A study by the Pew Research Center shows that currently more than 50% of the labor force consists of people who were born after the mid-80s of the last century. 54% of respondents from this group have said in a survey of the Case Foundation that they prefer to volunteer in an organized way, rather than simply donate money. A further 77% have stated their willingness to use their professional skills and talent to advance a particular cause.

Volunteering Makes for a Warm Heart (and a Prime CV)
Just like employees now have the luxury to choose companies depending on their mission, so do our potential employers focus ever more on the information we usually see in the final lines of résumés. Anyone could learn Excel or get a couple of language-course and Google Ad certificates. However, it is going to matter more and more if you have planted a tree, hugged a crying mother who is barely able to make ends meet, or played basketball with an orphaned child. If you haven’t, your place might just as well be occupied by a robot. Companies, though, still need people.

The Ultimate Team Building
Winter and summer resort hotels, nitwitted parties, embarrassing DJ sets… That is the team building exercise of the past. It never makes a strong and responsible team. Creating a team of volunteers, on the other hand, is an up-to-date equivalent of building and managing a corporate department, where people do what they feel confident about, with the goal of changing the world we live in for the better. Volunteering is a challenge in which people have to prove themselves first as good persons, and then as good professionals. And there you go – you have a team building for everyone to remember, and one which perfects our surroundings, which is exactly what we all need to be doing, hands on.

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