CSKA Backs the Holiday Heroes

The red soccer club gave away a ball and a T-shirt signed by all players and made especially to celebrate the club’s anniversary. The items will be auctioned during the Sport Fest in Burgas

Sport really is a mission! And CSKA soccer club are the proof. The team of coach Hristo Yanev once more stood by us in the name of the good cause to ensure thousands of families in need have food on the table at Christmas.

On occasion of our participation in the festival of health and sport in Burgas called Sport Fest, CSKA gave us a soccer ball and a T-shirt autographed by the whole team. The T-shirt is from a limited line made for the match marking 70 years since the club was established. Both sport valuables will be sold at a charitable auction during the Sport Fest in Burgas between May 17th and 20th. All funds raised from the sale will go to support the coming Christmas drive.

For all of you CSKA zealots out there, now is the time to get your hands on these two exquisite, one-of-a-kind memorabilia! Prove you love your team, prove your love in action! For the sake of thousands of struggling families.

See you all in Burgas! And thank you, CSKA, for your kindness!

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