Dignified Retirement for Elderly Bulgarians

According to a survey about the living conditions of the elderly, Bulgaria ranks 49th  among 91 countries. That’s exactly why our Holiday Heroes charity campaign is focused on those Bulgarians who lead lives devoid of dignity, surviving day by day on a miserable income.


A survey by Eurostat shows Bulgarians above the age of 65 are most at risk of extreme poverty and social exclusion among citizens of other EU Member States. It’s worth paying special attention to exclusion, because loneliness is a marked disadvantage and an undeserved punishment for the needy.

old woman

Because of these sad statistics we ask you to devote more time to the elderly close to you. Call them more often, tell them about what goes on in your life, visit them in your spare time. Love them and care for them. There is no greater gift than your love and attention.


We promise you that during our Easter campaign we will once again dedicate efforts to needy senior citizens. Besides material gifts, we will provide them with care, love and joy during the holidays.

Tell us how you help the elderly! What are your personal small acts of kindness to them? If hardly any at all, then it’s time to think things over and come up with some ideas about how you can help.

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