Donate a Toy December 1 -15

We’re thrilled to tell you we’re collecting toys for the kids from families in need this year too. The drive will continue from December 1st to 15th thanks to our kind hosts, Mall of Sofia. Donated toys will be put in the holiday boxes to be received by 5000 disadvantaged families across the country, right at their homes.

The drive aims to encourage the youngest holiday heroes and their parents in lending a hand. You don’t have to buy brand new toys, donations of no longer used but well preserved and clean toys are also welcome. Let us set a good example for our children and bring joy to their peers from families where Christmas presents are a far-away dream.

Pitch in the drive every weekday from 18:00 to 20:00 and between 14:00 to 18:00 on weekends. The venue is Mall of Sofia, floor 1 (on the connecting corridor next to ХипоToys). There you will find the Holiday Heroes’ volunteers, who will take your present and tell you everything about the Christmas 2017 drive going already full steam ahead.

Be a hero! Donate a toy for a family in need.

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