Regular donations

We believe in ‘the more, the better’ principle, as far as charity and support of families in need are concerned.

This is why we propose regular monthly donations by employees of your company. This would be an excellent example of socially responsible corporate behaviour.

If 20 employees of your company donate BGN 5 of their monthly salaries, this would help us buy bread for 100 families. And this just with one single donation.

If you donate for a year, you will be able to provide all the necessary foodstuffs for the proper celebration of holidays for 10 families.

We provide a donation agreement which you can use to get tax relief.

Imagine how many needy families can rejoice, if the number of subscriptions for regular monthly donations increase.

Subsribe for regular monthly donation

This is why we encourage companies to motivate their employees to take part in regular donation campaigns and help thousands of families in need.

Please contact us at:, or call our info phone service: + 359 885 885 555