What You Don’t Know about Love

Love is everything we need in life to be happy. Our lives depend on it and sometimes it seems that nothing else really matters. It’s the thing we strive for and the feeling we all need to experience.


Poets and writers are inspired by love. Apparently, many surveys and studies, too. Now we will share with you some pretty interesting love facts that you may have never heard before!


Not only people, but animals are monogamous too


Gibbons, wolves and swans are only a small part of the animals that share their whole life with only one partner.


You need just 4 minutes to fall in love


That’s the time you need to decide if you like somebody or not. Also, it’s believed that the most important factor about falling in love is not the words you are saying, but your body language.


The heart beats of lovers synchronize when they gaze into the other’s eyes


Scientists have proven that when couples in love gaze into each other’s eyes for three minutes, their heart rates synchronize.


Falling in love and using cocaine feels the same


Both experiences trigger euphoric feelings. A study has shown that when we are in love, the brain produces chemicals that stimulate 12 areas of the brain at the same time. Isn’t this fascinating?


Embraces are real natural painkillers


When we cuddle, our brain produces oxytocin, which is the so-called love hormone. It’s proven that it helps release headache pain and tension. Well, now we think cuddling is the best natural medicine.


Heartbreak really exists


There’s a condition called the “Boken Heart Syndrome”, whose symptoms appear after a hard break-up, divorce or the loss of someone you love. A real physical pain appears in the area of the heart and sometimes the condition is misdiagnosed as a heart attack.


There is a love formula


Attachment, caring and intimacy lead to the discovery of perfect love conditions, some psychologists think.


The butterflies in your stomach are real


You know this exiting feeling that you have when you fall in love with someone? Well, actually it’s all about the adrenaline that floods your body!


In the end, love is all that matters


A 75-year long study realised in the US has proven that the most important thing in people’s lives is… love!


So all you need to do to be happy is just to be loved and express your love in action!


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