Easter 2015 Holiday Heroes Gave Away 4, 083 Food Boxes

Scores of socially responsible companies, media partners, volunteers and goodwill ambassadors joined the sixth Holiday Heroes campaign

Holiday Heroes’ Easter drive has ended after months of intense preparations and countless supporting events—sports competitions, Easter workshop, art bazaar, food collection initiative at Piccadilly and METRO, a promo of Holiday Heroes’ first international anthem “Carry the Flame”… and many more. In mere four days hundreds of volunteers packed all 4,083 gift boxes. They were later delivered at the homes of the thousands needy families so they could have an unforgettable heart-warming holiday experience. Foodstuffs and funds which made it possible were donated with the help of more than forty companies, individual sponsors, many volunteers and celebrities.


It’s the second time we’ve used bERS Logistics’ warehouse, who were once again our generous hosts. Schenker were a great help for distribution, together with our tireless volunteers and celebrity ambassadors—singers Toni and Orlin Pavlov, Anellia, and sports legends Evgeni Ivanov, Alexandra Zhekova, and Hristo Yanev. Holiday Heroes reached out to so many disadvantaged families thanks to all media partners who spread the word about our mission.

Holiday Heroes are unstoppable. We’re full-steam ahead to our next “Sport with a Mission” challenge. This time it’s kart racing, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more info about the coming April 23th, a day to remember, on our website.

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