Easter Holiday Heroes Campaign Has Been Launched

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The time has slipped by us unnoticeably and today, again we are standing at the starting line of our fourth consecutive initiative. The Easter campaign “Holiday Heroes” is launching and we are very motivated again to help 5,000 Bulgarian families meet well-deservedly the upcoming Christian holidays.


We are filled with endless enthusiasm and confidence that we can achieve our not easy task, as we have been convinced for three times in succession that the right formula for success works. Precisely, there is nothing impossible in this world; it just sometimes takes great patience, unflinching will and desire to work.


Our campaign was created by people to people. Another sad fact is that the number of Bulgarians in need is too numerous, but we are trying to reach more and more people by small steps. In order our goals to be practicably achievable; we decided to try helping 5,000 families. Within the coming month we are looking for people in need, and everyone can register themselves, their friends or relatives using the form here.


At the same time, our team is too small to handle properly absolutely all tasks. Only part of our obligations are related to the fundraising campaign, informing the public about our activities, the collecting, packaging and delivery of all food to the homes of each Bulgarian in need.


Probably, you can guess that we are overwhelmed with tons of work, so we need a rare type of people, who can help us. Those, who are willing to share part of their time and devote gratuitously to the cause. Those, who truly realize the meaning of the assistance and together with us go through every emotion that that experience brings.


If you consider yourself as being part of these benevolent Bulgarians, you can join our “hero” team by filling in your personal data here. We need such people that do not only promise, but also keep their promises. The types of volunteering activities are comprehensive – from photographing our meetings with celebrities and families in need to any kind of organizational activities related to the campaign.


The whole adventure, called “Holiday Heroes”, doesn’t end up to here. As a part of this experience, you will have the real opportunity to meet some of your favourite Bulgarian celebrities and  work together with them for the causes of the campaign.


As a conclusion, we promise you that this spring will be warmer and sunnier. We will try to warm the hearts of as many Bulgarians as possible and inspire hope for a better future. And you can go after all that is happening to us in our social networks and on the websit

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