Every Year We Each Throw Away 90 to 100 kg of Edible Food

Every Bulgarian citizen wastes between 90 and 100 kg of edible food per year, Bulgarian Food Bank’s chief еxecutive Tsanka Milanova announced on Focus radio


40% of all discarded food comes from households.

“120 tons of food have been saved and distributed among the needy since the beginning of this year. Over the past year a total of 22, 000 people received aid as we managed to save from destruction more than 275 tons of food”, said Milanova.

According to a European study the amount of food destroyed annually in Bulgaria exceeds 670, 000 tons. “Meanwhile, more than 1.6 million Bulgarians are living below the poverty line,” Bulgarian Food Bank’s chief executive added.

Ms. Milanova further insisted that foodstuffs be provided to the Bulgarian Food Bank prior to their expiry dates. She said it’s not easy to determine who the most needy are, however, priority groups include children living without parental care, young people just leaving social care establishments, and children and youths with disabilities. Other groups supported by the Food Bank are single-parent families and victims of violence or human trafficking.

The Food Bank’s executive went on to remind that any food manufacturer or distributor is welcome to donate edible foodstuffs.


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