Final count: 5, 149 holiday boxes!

The fourth and last day of packing and delivery for Easter 2016 is over. It’s been four days of tireless hard work by volunteers and other Holiday Heroes, to bring about truly happy holidays for thousands of families in need across Bulgaria. Scores of philanthropists were packing food essentials in Pepsi/Expresso’s warehouse kindly made available by the hosts for our mission’s success.

The packed holiday boxes were loaded and delivered right at the doors of beneficiaries. On the last day among the many other popular faces we saw Rumen Yonchev and Bilyana Yotovska. The former, a journalist of the Bulgarian National Television, delivered a gift box to Tanya, who lives with her parents and suffers from a neurological condition that has led to a hundred-percent impairment. Bilyana Yotovska, the stunning Bulgarian bodybuilding & fitness champion, who has brought Bulgaria so much recognition, shined at the home of a 72-year old retired lady sharing a household with her daughter.

The socially responsible business, part of which is also Unimasters Logistics, was side by side the hundreds of volunteers in this final phase too.

Because the donors and volunteers in this Easter campaign all carry big hearts, we’ve done incredibly well—with no less than 5, 149 holiday boxes!

Many thanks to all who made Easter 2016 possible! You have given hope and smiles to thousands of people for brighter holidays!

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