Be a Friend of the Needy

As you already know, we from Holiday Heroes believe in kindness. We are sure that a lot of Bulgarians are willing to help the needy by joining voluntary initiatives; the big problem, however, is they don’t know how. Potential volunteers have to search hard for relevant information on the Internet, which may discourage even the keenest among them.


This is why we have decided to offer you a list of useful things you can do to help the needy.We believe you have both the good heart and the strength to do this.


Visit the homes for elderly people or persons with disabilities, as well as child treatment medical facilities. There you can meet people who need care and attention. What you can do for them is read them an inspiring extract from your favorite book. We can assure you – you will remember this forever, and so will they.


Donate clothes, shoes, toys and other things you’d like to give away. You can always send them to the Bulgarian Red Cross via its centers across the country. Make an in-kind donation to the special centers for temporary accommodation of foreigners.


Help little Bulgarians get an education. Nearly 50, 000 children leave school for lack of money. You can help them by donating textbooks and materials to get them through the school year. Again, you can send these to the Bulgarian Red Cross, specifying in the donation certificate to which school you’d like them to go. If you don’t know who the most needy are, the Bulgarian Red Cross Committee will allocate your aid where it is most wanted.


You can also donate books and educational journals to public libraries. The books will be collected in Sofia, but distributed locally by the people behind the project New Homes for Old Books.


Unfortunately, less than 10 % of all Bulgarians help a stranger, and as far as volunteering is concerned, we rank last in the EU. Let us change these sad statistics. Coming soon is our talk with Holiday Heroes volunteers, who will tell how incredible it feels to help unconditionally.

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