Good Works by Holiday Heroes on Palm Sunday

TV host Konstantina Zhivova and music performers Gergana Nikolaeva and Tony brought holiday boxes to disadvantaged families

It’s the second day of Holiday Heroes’ Easter 2017 drive. And once more there are heroes with big hearts far and wide, helping thousands of underprivileged families celebrate Easter with delicious food on their table.

A squad of tireless volunteers have been assembling boxes chock-full of food since early morning. Each gift box intended for a family’s joyful gathering contains a total of about fourteen products: staple foods, salami, soft drinks, coffee and the traditional Bulgarian sweet Easter bread – kozunak. More than 1,500 boxes are leaving Holiday Heroes’ packing warehouse this Palm Sunday to travel to families in the village of Muselievo and the towns of Shumen and Novi Pazar. Our friends from the Elysey (Elisha) Association will lend us a hand and be the holiday heroes for hundreds of families from the region of the Eastern Rhodopes.

Some of our goodwill ambassadors become holiday heroes too for the families in need to whom they personally carried gift boxes. One was Bulgaria ON AIR TV presenter Konstantina Zhivova who delivered a holiday box at Hrisa’s home. Hrisa is a disabled unemployed lady. She lives in an attic with her partner who is also a retiree due to illness. They have to survive on their disability support pensions, so Hrisa sells used books to make ends meet. Music performers Gergana Nikolaeva and Tony for their part paid a visit to 45-year old

Elena who cares for her son suffering from cerebral palsy.

Easter 2017 campaign continues until April 11th. Every single day holiday heroes will be packing boxes at the logistics center and delivering them, with the help of a legion of volunteers, to the doorsteps of thousands of families in need across Bulgaria. Watch live the packing work at the warehouse on YouTube or follow the process on Holiday Heroes’ Facebook page.

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