Holiday Heroes’ Boxes Delivered by Gergana Nikolaeva and Tony

Pop and classical music became holiday heroes during the second day of distribution of holiday boxes. The opera prima Gergana Nikolaeva and her close friend performing the pop hits “It Was All Just a Dream” and “Like It Used to Be” delivered boxes with foodstuffs to families in need.

The first packed boxes were brought by the two singers to the house of Georgi—a pensioner living with his wife. Both of them are visually impaired. Gergana and Tony delivered the long-awaited Christmas miracle into Trendafil’s home too. He is unemployed with a sickness pension. He lives together with his son who doesn’t work and is his father’s assistant.

For two days now the diligent holiday heroes have been packing and stacking boxes in the comfortable warehouses kindly provided by K&M absolutely free of charge. Each box contains the most needed foods for the holidays, e.g. flour, legumes, soft drinks, chocolate, meat and dairy products—and a toy for the little ones.

The finished boxes are instantly taken by other volunteers for distribution throughout Bulgaria. Thanks to Foodpanda all volunteers had a yummy pizza for lunch to keep them packing, wide smiles on their faces.

Holiday boxes’ packing and delivery continues until Tuesday, December 20th. The whole process in the logistics center is broadcast live on Holiday Heroes’ Facebook page. Check out what happened on the first day here:

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