Holiday Heroes Carry Holiday Boxes on St. Ignatius’ Day (Ignazhden)

On this much celebrated Bulgarian holiday, scores of holiday heroes kept on delivering holiday boxes to the homes of hundreds of needy families. Legend has it that the year to come would be exactly the same as the kind of person who first walks in through your doorstep on that day. And this is why volunteers who were delivering boxes on St. Ignatius’ day were more eager and determined than ever to give away to the homes of the families not just boxes of food, but also tons of love and Christmas miracles.

As the tradition goes, we had celebrities in the ranks of our volunteers. Popular radio and TV host Drago Simeonov and blooming music performer Dia were delivering holiday boxes. They visited a number of families, among which that of Vasilka, a retired lady, and her son, as well as the family of Mariya – also retired and living alone in a relatives’ home. Other famous volunteers on St. Ignatius’ day included one of the first holiday heroes – Roro, joined by TV host and VIP Brother 2016 participant Nadya Ivanova. They delivered a Christmas box to Bogomil – a single father raising his seventeen-year old daughter Ivana alone.

On the last day of the preparation of holiday boxes at Holiday Heroes’ K&M warehouse, volunteers made more than 1,000 of them. Each and every one went to the homes of needy families across Bulgaria. Heartfelt thanks to our friends from Aladin Foods, who once again made sure every volunteer had a tasty lunch to keep them going.

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