Holiday Heroes Celebrated the Success of the Christmas Campaign and the New Goals

Holiday Heroes made another dream come true: the association has already become an international project aiding the US homeless community under the name of Holiday Heroes USA

Ambassadors, volunteers, corporate partners, and media gathered to party for the success of their joint efforts in the Christmas 2016 campaign—the largest one and most successful to date! Among the bunch of heroes who jam-packed The Comedy Club Sofia, to greet each other for a job well done and give a start to 2017 with loads of positive emotions and a standup comedy, were the singers Gergana Nikolaeva and Toni, the prima ballerina Masha Ilieva, Destiny Quartet, Miss Bulgaria World Galina Mihaylova, the volleyball player Strashimira Filipova, the TV presenter Pavel Vladimirov, and Djina Stoeva. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of all of them Holiday Heroes managed to pack and deliver 5,970 holiday boxes directly to the homes of thousands of needy families. Thus, more than 20,000 people celebrated Christmas at full festive tables.

Holiday Heroes surprised their guests with the long-awaited news that made a dream come true for the whole team. They have already become an international organization! The motivator, Michael Straumietis, now lit the spark of Holiday Heroes in Los Angeles, California. The aim of Holiday Heroes USA is to help the homeless population there. Over forty volunteers joined Michael’s initiative taking place for the first time this Christmas at his home, to assemble backpacks with donated products and help 1,600 poverty-stricken people living on the streets. Each backpack was full of living necessities, such as dental hygiene supplies, non-perishable items, blankets, socks, gloves, towels, etc.
‘Due to the climate here, the number of homeless is remarkably large. Our goal with Holiday Heroes USA is to come to the aide of such people in all major cities. I would encourage all businessmen to start or support a charity. Any successful company must serve the society,’ says the organization’s inspirer Michael Straumietis. Five years ago at Christmas he was the first to show love in action and lit the light of good delivering food packages directly to the homes of disadvantaged Bulgarian families. Since then hundreds of corporate and individual donors, volunteers, media, and celebrities joined the ranks of Holiday Heroes and became part of its cause. Their devotion brings hope and happiness to thousands of people in need (retired, single mothers, disabled, large families, unemployed) during the two holiest Christian holidays—Christmas and Easter. Thanks to the volunteers the food packages are personally delivered to the homes of such people. As from 2017 Holiday Heroes USA will support and give joy to thousands of homeless in the United States.

Michael Straumietis presents Holiday Heroes USA

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