Holiday Heroes Is a Charity Campaign for All

Holiday Heroes is an extraordinary charity initiative started by Michael Straumietis in Bulgaria. The mission of the organization is to support the disabled people and needy families so that they could have amazing and bright holidays.


Anyone can become a Real Holiday Hero – from celebrities and corporations to everyday people who want to help. So far we have carried out three successful campaigns, as a result of which thousands of Bulgarians in need received holiday boxes full of food and toys.

Modern world may have improved the lives of some individuals, but has also widened the gap between the wealthy and the poor. Here in Bulgaria, where 20% of the nation lives in bad conditions, this gap is enormous. But with our hard work and dedication, we managed to show Bulgarians that corporate responsibility exists and our campaigns are going to change the way of understanding charity meaning.


Holiday Heroes is an initiative for all the needy people. We don’t believe there is a reason to be angry or to discriminate others because of their race. That’s why this Christmas we helped not only Bulgarians, but some poor Syrian families, too.

Michael Straumietis and Roro Kavaldjiev visited the homes of Syrian refugees living in extreme poverty. There, they met people with big hearts and eyes full of hope for a brighter future. Little Syrian kids were extremely happy to receive some new toys. Their parents saw that there’s someone who cares about their fate, because apparently the country doesn’t have a clear policy on coping with the refugees’ problems. They are not well-integrated, and live in fear of xenophobic attacks. When Holiday Heroes visited them, they felt special and happy to receive boxes with food and toys for brighter festive days.


This experience motivated us and we promise you that our charity initiative, known with the motto Love in action, will help more and more needy people in Bulgaria. No matter their race, nationality or problems. Discrimination is an illusion and we don’t believe in it.

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