Holiday Heroes Deliver Joy in Holiday Boxes on St. Lazarus’ Day

Music stars Yoanna Dragneva and Mariya Grancharova distribute boxes of food to families in need, side by side TV host Kristiana Stefanova.

Early in the morning, while little girls gather to begin the rituals customary for today’s Bulgarian holiday, Holiday Heroes volunteers start assembling gift boxes at K&M’s warehouse on the outskirts of Sofia. More than 40 of them, including children and retirees, have decided to devote this sunny Saturday to the cause of ensuring enough food on the table for thousands of destitute families at Easter 2018.

“We’re planning to assemble and distribute about 2,800 holiday boxes today. And tomorrow another 2,200 will be dispatched to families across Bulgaria”, says Ivona Penchovska, Holiday Heroes’ Logistics Manager. She explains that even though the contents of the boxes may not be completely uniform, each includes staple foods such as legumes, rice, flour, cooking oil, canned products, chocolate desserts, cured meats, phyllo-dough sheets for delicious Bulgarian banitsa, lyutenitsa and the traditional holiday sweet Easter bread.

The delivery process on this day took place also thanks to dozens of volunteers. Among them were charismatic singers Yoanna Dragneva and Mariya Grancharova. The two friends are now real holiday heroes for the family of Ivanka. She lives with her husband and their 35-year-old daughter who has a brain tumor. The condition, which necessitated complex brain surgery to remove part of the tumor, renders her unfit for work. The parents’ pensions cannot cover the expensive life-saving medicines their child needs.

TV host Kristiana Stefanova, whose smile enchants the audience each weekday during her show Vseki Sledobed (Every
Afternoon), volunteered as well, both for the packing and the delivery. She went to the home of Boyka and her son. The family live in extreme hardship, suffering illnesses and with no relatives to help them out. The holiday box she brought to them will be their one and only joy this Easter.

The packing and delivery continue tomorrow, on April 1st. Follow the process live on Holiday Heroes’ Facebook page.

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