Holiday Heroes Delivered More than 2, 000 Boxes in Just Two Days

Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics team of “golden girls”, singers Vicky Terziyska and Tedy Katsarova, and actress Yoanna Temelkova joined the ranks of Holiday Heroes packing and delivering holiday boxes with food for needy families today.


On the second day of the Holiday Heroes campaign we already have more than two thousand families who’ve seen their own Christmas miracle come true, brought by Holiday Heroes volunteers and celebrity goodwill ambassadors. Following yesterday’s dispatch, with the help of the ServiceLux transportation company, of a hundred of holiday gift boxes to the town of Miziya for the flood sufferers there, today Holiday Heroes sent a truck loaded with boxes of food for the needy people of the town of Saedinenie.


Scores of volunteers once again worked full steam to pack and deliver the holiday boxes. Since early morning Bers Logistics’ warehouse was teeming with people eager to help thousands of needy families welcome Christmas gathered around full festive tables. Among the volunteers filling boxes like Santa’s elves, one could spot the charismatic actress Yoanna Temelkova starring in the popular Bulgarian TV series Undercover.


Joanna Temelkova


Yoanna was among the first to jump behind the wheel of one of the cars kindly provided free of charge by Great Wall for the Holiday Heroes’ charitable mission. The first family she stopped by was that of Alexandra—a single mother of two little children. Even more heartbreaking, yet overwhelming with hope and faith, was her visit with Atanas whose child has cerebral palsy.


Charming music performer Vicky Terziyska also contributed to the success of today’s Holiday Heroes happy mission. She was in the company of her close friend, TV presenter Ivo Tanev’s daughter Albena. The two belles got to know a true hero in the person of Daniela Stamenova who, even though disabled, is raising alone her 16-year old child.


Vicky Terziiska


The “golden girls” of the national rhythmic gymnastics team skipped a training session today, but for a good reason—for the sake of bringing tons of joy and love into the home of two retired elderly people living on a measly monthly income of 400 leva.


Golden Girls


Later in the day Tedy Katsarova made yet another needy family happy. She visited the home of a single mother taking care of her five-year old son Nicky who suffers from Down’s syndrome.


Our campaign continues until Sunday. Follow the latest updates on Facebook and our official website.


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