Holiday Heroes Gave Away 5,277 Boxes

Holiday Heroes packed and delivered a record number of gift boxes this Easter

More than 60 companies, nearly 400 volunteers and above 20 media outlets made this Easter 2017 drive the most successful Easter campaign of Holiday Heroes so far, with a record number of holiday boxes, each containing 14 products and foods. Donating time, cash and food, our supporters helped prepare 5,277 holiday boxes to deliver to families in need across Bulgaria and bring a little joy into the lives of more than 20, 000 Bulgarian people by providing for an Easter celebration with enough food on their table.

We know now, after this Easter drive, that corporate volunteering in Bulgaria is to thrive in the times ahead. 65 employees of Breaktime backed us up as volunteers in the process of packing right before delivery, while Viva Credit’s team got busy at the assembly line. Most of the employees were first-time volunteers, but now can’t wait for the Christmas campaign so they can pitch in again.

Easter 2017 was a success thanks to countless smaller drives, initiatives and events. Among the most exciting were the corporate tournaments of the Sport with a Mission series in which employees were raising funds and having team buildings, playing bowling and driving go-karts at the same time. The musical surprise by Bulgarian showbiz celebrities Nencho Balabanov, Pavel Vladimirov and Militsa Gladnishka who took the guise of globally renowned music performers at the Holiday Heroes retro music party, and the charity concert organized by Iliya Kalodzhero Kurto Pelle from the Bulgarian National High School for Ancient Languages and Cultures, joined by other national secondary schools, also contributed to the success of our mission. The targeted individual campaigns with Canyon, Viva Credit and AVIEL Hand Made were another type of fundraisers which ensured a lot of food for the holiday boxes. A great help was also the Choose, Buy, Donate campaign in which Kaufland supermarket customers donated foodstuffs they bought in the stores.

On behalf of all Holiday Heroes team members, but most importantly – on behalf of the thousands of families in need reached by your help and kindness – thank you!

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