Holiday Heroes Recognized as Enlighteners of the Year 2016

For the third consecutive year the Enlightener of the Year campaign initiated by radio FM+ and Bulgarian Memory Foundation acknowledged ten individuals and organizations. One of them was the big Holiday Heroes’ family, awarded in the Enlighteners of Business and Solidarity category. All volunteers, individual and corporate donors, media, and ambassadors received the distinction Enlightener of the Year 2016, as well as the recognition of the jury who ranked them next to figures like Boyan Petrov, Augustine Gospodinov, the conductor Lyubka
Biagioni, the street writer Nassimo, the authors of Sofia Breathes festival, Kapana district in Plovdiv, the deputy mayor of Tervel Municipality—Ms. Diana Ilieva.

The major donor of Bulgarian orthodox churches, also known as the “living saint” and icon of holiness, was also awarded the recognition. His nomination was not subject to voting because of his noble deeds and devotion. The other finalists were selected through voting on the official website of FM+ radio.
Dr. Georgi Stamenov and Mothers for Donation foundation were also recognized as Enlighteners of the Year 2016, as they help infertile couples to experience the magic of parenthood.

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