Holiday Heroes Retro Party Raised 1,865 Leva

Holiday Heroes threw a recharging party for the fans of retro tunes this Tuesday. The main entertainer was a man who puts smiles on our faces every morning on the air of Bulgarian Magic FM radio, Mitko Pavlov.

The big party surprise at Once Upon a Time Biblioteka were showbiz celebrities Nencho Balabanov, Militsa Gladnishka and Pavel Vladimirov who took the guise of different famous performers. Nencho was Eros Ramazzotti, and gave a mind-blowing representation of the charming Italian star. He pleasured the audience also with his amazing track called Restart, plus an exciting piece by Bono. Militsa rocked with stunning appearance, acting and singing Adel. She also added other songs to her performance and took everybody’s breath away with

Christina Aguilera and Bublѐ’s covers. Pavel Vladimirov was impossible to tell apart from famous Bulgarian music performer Dicho. Pavel did also Tom Jones and Michel Telò.
Holiday Heroes Retro Party was a charity event which brought 1,865 leva for Holiday Heroes. This money will buy food for Easter 2017 which will mark the tenth consecutive Holiday Heroes’ campaign.

Holiday Heroes Retro Party was held with the exclusive media support of The Voice, Magic FM, Vitosha radio and Veselina radio and was kindly hosted by Once Upon a Time Biblioteka club.

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