Holiday Heroes Set Three Records Right on the First Day of Packing and Delivery

As early as the first day of this year’s packing and delivery of the holiday boxes, the Holiday Heroes made three incontestable records. For the first time ever, we had as many as 65 packing volunteers at the warehouse (which, this year again, was K&M’s one). With a high team spirit, they assembled a total of 3,054 boxes (another record number!), which were dispatched to households across Bulgaria. And the third unbeaten record was established within the toy drive which gathered no less than 12,000 toys for the little ones from struggling families which we’re helping this Christmas.

Among the holiday heroes packing in the warehouse were Holiday Heroes’ ambassadors, and they were some of the most eager volunteers.

Bulgarian National Televisions’ news anchor Daniel Mihaylov, tennis celebrity Sesil Karatancheva and one of the most stunning Bulgarian beauty queens ever – Miss World Bulgaria 2016 Galina Mihaylova, were some of the volunteers on the first day of the Christmas campaign’s final leg. They helped all day, at the assembly line first and then during the delivery.

Dani Mihaylov delivered a holiday box to the home of a severely disabled widowed lady. Her son is a university student and their only income (which way below the minimum survival threshold) comes from a pension. Sesil and Galina, for their part, visited Penka’s family. She is unemployed and her husband is the only bread-winner in their household. The family has an 8-year old child.

Young and talented music performer Irina also joined the delivery process. She went to the home of a retired lady who lives alone in Sofia. The pensioner has had no running tap water for four years already, because of an unsettled dispute concerning property. Her story touched the singer so deeply that she took it upon herself to help the old lady. ‘It is intolerable to have anyone living without access to water in a European city in the 21st century. Let everyone who is ready to help join me in lending Svetla a hand’, she appealed.

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