Holiday Heroes Start Delivering the Holiday Boxes

Between December 18th and 21st we’ll be delivering door-to-door the holiday boxes for all the families who are waiting for us! Hundreds of volunteers, including Bulgarian celebrities and people from socially responsible companies are about to become holiday heroes for the fifth time in a row, bringing a ray of hope into the lives of the most needy.




This year the food boxes from Holiday Heroes will travel even beyond Sofia to reach the troubled town of Miziya, where we’ll give away 100 of them.


All necessary funds and food were raised and collected within the past couple of months through individual and corporate donations, special events, and online initiatives. Kids from disadvantaged households will also get toys donated by hundreds of children and parents.


Everything which will take place at the end of this week will be published on the Internet and the social networks—just follow us on our official website and on Holiday Heroes Facebook page.


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