Holiday Heroes Work Christmas Miracles on St. Ignatius’ Day (Ignazhden)

Bulgarian celebrities Orlin Pavlov, Ani Mihaylova, Hristo Yanev, and Alexandar Kadiev brought joy to needy families with boxes chockfull of food.


It’s been three days since volunteers and celebrities started packing and delivering holiday boxes with food to help thousands of disadvantaged families celebrate Christmas gathered round festive holiday tables loaded with delicious treats. On the special Orthodox holiday of St. Ignatius the Martyr, several families met their personal holiday heroes—singer Orlin Pavlov, actors Ani Mihaylova and Alexander Kadiev, and footballer Hristo Yanev.


Hristo Yanev visited the home of Nikolay and his wife Katya. It turned out Nicky’s a huge fan of one of the footballer’s teams—CSKA Bulgaria, but unfortunately had no chance to meet his idol in the flesh. Katya greeted Hristo with tears in her eyes—her husband’s been in hospital for several days, yet she was really moved by the kindness of the football legend who personally delivered a holiday box of food for the family.


Hristo Yanev


On this holy day Orlin Pavlov and Ani Mihaylova were the first to step into the home of Svetla—a mother of a boy and a girl suffering from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. The kids’ father works as a watchman, while Svetla is looking after the children nearly 24/7.


Orlin i Ani


Actor Alexander Kadiev for his part served a holiday box to eighty-year old Dobrinka. Her son has a severe type of cancer and her daughter, who used to suffer from cerebral palsy, has recently passed away. The opportunity to meet the actor in person was a wonderful holiday surprise for Dobrinka, who saw him off with a broad smile and greetings for his mother Katya Evro, another much-loved Bulgarian celebrity.


Sasho Kadiev


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