How Can We ‘Grow’ Kindness?

Are we born good or evil is a question which to date remains open, despite the efforts of researchers and philosophers. Another mistery is what, after all, takes the upper hand in us humans – nature or nurture.

One thing is for sure, though – we are all born with at least a small grain of kindness in ourselves. Which puts us before a bigger and decisive challenge, and it’s how to ‘grow’ this seed into something solid and well-rounded.

The Family Soil
They say that charity begins at home. The sooner we start to encourage it in the little ones, the better, we’d add. The best teacher is, without a doubt, personal example. Kids are really good at, and proud to, imitate their parents. They copy their words, gestures, overall behavior and attitude to relatives, friends and strangers.

Over the past years Holiday Heroes have organized a number of initiatives involving both parents and children. When kids take part in such charitable events, not only do they get to spend more time with their parents and peers, but they also grow up to be better persons. We have personally witnessed how happy the little heroes are when they get together to collect toys, draw postcards and pictures ‘with a mission’.

The ‘Play It Forward’ Effect
The best thing about ‘the good’ is that it breeds good. For us, mankind, it is extremely important to know and believe that every kind gesture is not just a ‘drop in the ocean’, but actually a huge step towards a better place to live in. Caring about people and the world is the only way to have a future at all. So be kind and pass on the good you do. What we did for our part about this was to meet, just days ago, the two energetic ladies who own the website and Facebook page “Майко Мила” (or ‘Dear Mom’ in English). They have made it their mission to encourage and help mothers of babies and small children, offering advice garnished with a steady doze of humor. Charity to them is a mission no less important. Watch what they had to say about this in front of our camera.

Philanthropy Classes
Last, but not least, comes school. In Europe and the US there have ‘classes in kindness’ for quite some time. Officially, the United Kingdom is the champion in philanthropy education. Gladly, now Bulgaria has made some steps in this direction too. A good example is the Learning to Give curriculum of the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum. Еvery initiative like that one will not only make the little ones more aware and empathic, but will open doors for other causes which help people in need.

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