How the world does good – independent European causes

In the minds of many, charity and philanthropy are associated with affluent people in the U.S. mostly, along with other parts of the world. Truth is, charity actually originates from Europe. Another thing sure is you don’t have to be infinitely rich to do good. One proof are initiatives like the Holiday Heroes’ drives. All you need is find the mission that’s right for you and start supporting it.

Money isn’t everything

Fundraising expert and author John Haydon insists that people who want to do good should go beyond mere encouragement of others to donate. More importantly, they should integrate potential benefactors into the mission they stand for. That is, inspire them to become part of a greater whole and build it together. What matters is to help people identify with a cause and genuinely embrace it instead of just reach for their wallets.

Europe abounds with actively working non-profits. Some of their most prominent missions over the past years have been combating domestic violence, response to the migrant crisis, relief for the homeless, abandoned children and protection of endangered animal species.

Food not bombs!

There’re countless ways people fight for causes they believe in. One great example is an international organization named FOOD NOT BOMBS, which operates also in relatively poor countries such as Bulgaria. Its method of work is complete independence from institutions or authorities. Charity and action are ownership of the volunteers. They collect and distribute food. They cook no matter what the season, often out in the open and at locations with many disadvantaged people. Such initiatives are still ‘toddlers’ in Bulgaria, while countries like Hungary already have well-established traditions for similar drives.

Music for charity

An organization can support a number of causes in every single campaign. The British record label Oaken Palace Records have made 13 releases on vinyl, CD or tape. Each release has been dedicated to a disappearing animal species. Until now they have supported conservation efforts for the Siberian tiger, the New Zealand dolphins and kakapo, the Flores hawk-eagle, and many more.

Dessert charity

For dessert, we present another Bulgarian cause, that of the enthusiasts from Power Pops. Their frozen desserts on a stick are made of fruit only; each one you eat helps support a mission they believe in. We’ve seen them aid the Bulgarian Fund for Women for art projects and the Sofia Pride. Power Pops endorse their causes so sweetly – we’re sure you’ll get to know them sooner rather than later!

Lose no time, choose your mission – the world will join you!

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