It has begun!

8 a.m.
The Holiday Heroes Christmas campaign continues. There are a little more than twenty of us here. The workshop where we are packing is heated, as if not by the air conditioning, but by our excitement.


This is the third time we’ve gathered to bring a ray of light to thousands of Bulgarian families which have to put up with spending their holidays in destitution.


Once we’ve made a start, we manage to put together 500 boxes and we get down to filling them with foodstuffs. Even though there is a close resemblance between our endeavor and a Chinese production line (because we are fast), we are having fun, and before we know it, several hours later, we have 500 boxes ready.


Cars start coming in, ready to deliver the boxes to the families’ homes – we have Bulgarian celebrities, donors and many, many volunteers joining in. For all of them the day finishes very late, they are enthusiastic and keep sending us photos from their tours to the homes of families in need.


We will keep working until late – today and throughout the remaining days of our campaign – until the donations we’ve raised this year reach every Bulgarian family in need, because Bulgaria is in need of love.


Follow in real time the progress of the Holiday Heroes Christmas campaign here and on Facebook.


Watch a live stream of the volunteers’ restless work and stay tuned for the first videos of the very delivery of the boxes!

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